Little Dragons

Providing both a venue for letting off some of that excess energy, & a safe place in which to learn to control it, our Little Dragons Classes bring the benefits of Taekwondo to your Little Dragon.

Taekwondo helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination, muscle memory & dexterity, alongside teaching focus & discipline, with important correlative lessons & educational opportunities!

Little Dragons are also a great place to make new friends beyond the usual circles, helping to foster both confidence, & a better grasp of social behaviours. It’s a great, all round opportunity for important social, mental & physical development!

Classes mix real Taekwondo, with group exercise, games & learning, they’re fun, engaging & open to all!

Taekwondo for Tots

  • Courtesy / Respect / Focus / Integrity / Honesty
  • Perseverance / Confidence
  • Self-Control / Coordination / Dexterity
  • FUN!

Ages 4 – 6

Read on for the many Benefits of Taekwondo, or click here to get answers to your questions!

Class Times & Venues

The Benefits of Taekwondo for Young Kids


When we’re small, our limbs aren’t always fully under out control, but regular practice in Taekwondo helps to build muscle memory, fine motor control & dexterity, helping our Little Dragons to master their ever changing bodies.

Goal Setting

Understanding that the best things take time, & effort, is not always easy to learn! We all like the things we want now, rather than later! But through early years Taekwondo, our Little Dragons learn the importance, & the benefit, of their efforts, & their time.


Practising TaekwonDo on a regular basis will increase your little ones self-confidence and self-esteem. As they progress, gaining new belts & seeing real, measurable progress, their confidence will flourish, a key trait for any healthy mind!


We’re inherently social creatures, but none of us find it easy all the time! Imagine being small again, new to the world! Pre-school & school can be big, scary places, sometimes with a lot of restrictions, Taekwondo gives kids an opportunity to explore, not just themselves, but new social circles too.


Everyone needs exercise, even little ones! But when exercise is fun, it’s not a chore! Little Dragons love getting to not only run & play in class, but also try controlling that energy through a focused activity, such as hitting a pad with a specific limb, in a specific way.


When we’re born, we’re at our most flexible, from that point onwards we’re learning bad habits & if we don’t maintain our flexibility, we lose it! Little Dragons makes staying flexible easy, & fun (it’s a lot easier to keep it, than regain it later!).


Exercise makes us happier. Maybe not always at first, but once you find your rhythm, it really does do wonders for your mind, the same is true for your little one. Regular exercise is one of the surest ways to encourage a range of positive mental attributes.


Our classes don’t just teach our Little Dragons how to Kick or Hit, but why we learn such things, & when it is & isn’t appropriate to use them. Through the discipline taught in class, your child is exposed to positive character building lessons & examples, that will benefit them beyond the class & for the whole of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Little Dragons Class look like?

In a word; “happy”. You’ll love seeing your little one running, jumping, hitting & kicking, as much as they’ll love doing it. Greeting their Little Dragon friends, playing team games & earning their latest belt – there are a LOT of smiling faces.

Is it dangerous?

No. Our instructors are well trained & vetted; they know how to work safely with children, to ensure everyone has a fun, engaging, & safe class – sure, fists are flying, & feet are striking, but the controlled, disciplined teaching ensures that it’s all very safe, as well as a lot of fun!

How do the Belts translate into the next stage of study?

Little Dragon belts are independent of the Senior Grading Belts; they’re no less valuable, but think of them as stages within the first of their senior belts, ensuring that when they move up to the Junior Class, they’re prepared to hit the mat running.

Are there any health concerns / restrictions?

Taekwondo helps to build strength, cardio-vascular health & endurance, fitness & much more besides, the only real limits in this regard are that you are able to practice safely, if you have any doubt, check with your GP & contact us to outline your child’s specific conditions.

Is Taekwondo for my little one?

In all honesty, not every kid loves every group, sport or hobby, but martial arts, such as Taekwondo, are incredible early learning opportunities, with life long benefits, regardless of what martial art a child takes up, they’re almost too good to not try at least a few different classes!

Do we need a lot of special gear?

No! Our Trial Sessions are a chance for your little one to get a taste without you spending out on gear & class fees – if you decide Taekwondo is for your child, all we ask is that you eventually purchase a uniform, such as you would see in any Dojang, prices for uniforms are relatively low, if you have any concerns, just ask!

Class Times & Venues

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