Taekwondo & Kickboxing Classes

South Coast Martial Arts runs a range of classes for different ages, levels of practice & different Martial Arts disciplines. Whether you’re looking for a place for your child to develop their fitness, resilience & confidence in a structured, Internationally Recognised study, or want to develop your own fitness, flexibility & confidence, SCMA offers options within which you are sure to find a class to suit yourself, or your family.

As younger students grow, families even have the opportunity to study & practice together, ensuring a lifelong habit of good health, & very positive experiences & memories!

We offer two free taster sessions to all new students; we know new things, especially those based around exercise, can be daunting, but we are a friendly, inclusive group, with many families, friends & new faces, just like your own, all exploring & enjoying good physical & mental health that is varied, challenging & fun!

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Little Dragons

For ages 4 to 6, Little Dragons is an excellent way to build confidence, motor & social skills, while also learning a little discipline, all while having more than a little bit of fun!

Our Little Dragons enjoy regular grading opportunities that help to deliver a sense of achievement & an appreciation for dedication & goal oriented learning, that encourages an appreciation for the value of time & commitment, & the long term success this can bring.

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Junior Taekwondo

For ages 6 to 15, Junior Taekwondo is a great continuation for Little Dragons & a great place for new students to start!

Featuring a full, graded syllabus, Junior Taekwondo offers younger students the chance to progress through a full colour belt system, teaching practical physical skills that will develop & enhance their strength, agility & hand-eye co-ordination, whilst also developing confidence, discipline, team working & focus.

Many of our Junior Students ultimately move into our Adult Taekwondo Classes, earning their full Black Belts, carrying forward life-long skills, fitness & resilience. Some even decide to explore national & international training & competition opportunities, through our partnership with the ITF.

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Adult Taekwondo

For any student over the age of 15, our Adult Taekwondo Classes help students to build strength, flexibility & full body fitness, with benefits that last throughout adult life. Whether you’re a teenager, a young adult, middle aged or older, Adult Taekwondo offers an exceptional route to good physical & mental health.

Progress through a full, Internationally Recognised Colour Belt Grading System, including seminars with Internationally Renowned Taekwondo Experts, taking your study as far as you want it to go; whether that be a powerful weekly fitness routine, or even National / International Competition.

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Kickboxing classes start from age 12, and combine the power of Taekwondo kicking, with western boxing and Muay Thai. You’ll find a full body workout that utilises everything from elbows and knees to feet & fists.

Kickboxing provides a healthy and fun training environment, perfect for an excellent cardiovascular workout as well as improving general fitness and muscle tone. Whatever your age, it’s an outstanding way to get fit, stay fit & build your confidence, while supported by a full Colour Belt Grading System.

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