Our Kickboxing classes bring together Western Style Boxing & Martial Arts, under an established, well formulated syllabus.

Classes begin with a solid warmup to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping & the muscles ready, before taking students through a variety of different techniques & combinations.

These techniques & combinations quickly train muscle memory, while keeping you working, ensuring both an excellent workout for your fitness, but also, a practical, effective training in self defence, with a healthy amount of conditioning for good measure!

Taken as a whole, our Kickboxing Classes deliver a broad array of positive benefits in a fun & easy going session – whether you want to work on your fitness, or your martial prowess, our Kickboxing classes keep you coming back for more!

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Ages 12+

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Class Times & Venues


Our students all agree; Kickboxing is THE best workout! Never routine, always challenging, always fun, your heart, lungs & muscles will feel it after your very first session, & they will want more of this fantastic Cardio Workout!


From the full body warm up to the active use of your legs, arms & core, Kickboxing builds real, usable strength where it matters.


As part of our warm up & cool down, stretching is key, not just for building your flexibility & range of motion, but for ensuring your body is ready to go; by getting you warmed up, we help to ensure a safe practice.


After regular classes of nearly an hour of running, jumping, stretching, kicking, punching & more, your endurance, both physical & mental, will see improvement, you’ll amaze yourself at your progress!


Using your body is the best way to learn it. You may have been living inside it your whole life, but once you’re Kickboxing, you’ll find a greater mastery of self.


We hope never to need the things we practice, but even if we never get into a difficult situation, being faster on our feet, knowing how to block or catch something moving quickly – these are things we can all use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Kickboxing Class look like?

We start with a warm up to get everyone ready to practice safely, before starting out with some simple drills to reinforce core muscle memory & good practice in punching & kicking. Different students will be at different grades & as the class progresses, you may find some students working on more advanced techniques that build on the earlier techniques.

At the end of class, we undertake a warm down, to ensure our bodies aren’t going from 100% to Zero!

On different days of the week, we explore different activities; some sessions may focus the legs, while others may focus the arms, sometimes we run fitness drills & sometimes, if students are keen, we even explore some light sparring with protection.

Am I fit enough to start?

Almost certainly yes, & if your fitness is low, it won’t be for long! Do not be afraid! Any & all levels & abilities are welcome & catered for.

Who can practice?

Anyone. There are no restrictions except being twelve years of age or over. We have teenagers through to adults of all ages in class – everyone comes for the same reason; it’s an unbelievable workout!

Are there any health concerns / restrictions?

Kickboxing helps to build strength, cardio-vascular health & endurance, fitness & much more besides, the only real limits in this regard are that you are able to practice safely, if you have any doubt, check with your GP & contact us to outline your specific conditions.

Is Kickboxing for me?

Kickboxing is great for anyone willing to work hard & have fun, but especially suits those who may be put off by a more traditional Martial Art & some of the structure usually found within such sessions. Our Kickboxing Classes are very well structured, but you won’t be learning stances & Kata – instead, you’ll be training your muscles & mind, while receiving expert tuition in refining your technique.

If you want to focus & work hard on yourself, while meeting decent, friendly people, building & improving your own physical & mental health, then all you need is to be ready to commit to yourself!

Do I need a lot of special gear?

No! Our Trial Sessions are a chance for you to get a taste without spending out on gear & class fees – if you decide Kickboxing is for you, you can purchase a club outfit, but many of our students are quite comfortable in gym shorts /trousers & a t-shirt, as long as they provide the necessary range of movement.

If you decide on a club outfit, prices for are relatively low, but if you have any concerns, just ask!

Class Times & Venues

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